BOSS bottled #manoftoday x eric underwood


16mm / 1:00

Director, Editor: Patrick Taylor
Producer: Dan Hammersley
DOP: Adam Singodia
Camera Assistant: Lou Macnamara
Camera Trainee: Lulu Pollice
Composer: Johnny LIllis
Sound Design/Mix: Ines Adriana
Colourist: Karol Cybulski at Cheat
Colour Producer: Nicki Wednesday at Cheat
Sound Recordist: Mike Chubb
Styling: Patrick Taylor, Eric Underwood
Film and Processing: Kodak
Film Scan: Digital Orchard

Client: BOSS by Hugo Boss
Agency: Hopscotch Luxe Paris

Alice Landrein, Judith Grynszpan at Hopscotch Luxe Paris
Rachael O’Dea at Purple
Grace Fung at Coty

Filmed on location in Highgate, London

An honest portrayal of masculinity from the perspective of actor, model and former Royal Ballet soloist Eric Underwood for Hugo Boss’ BOSS Bottled #ManOfToday.


Young Arrows - British Arrows 2022

Title: BOSS #ManOfToday x Eric Underwood
Brand: Boss
Product: Man Of Today
Director: Patrick Taylor
Agency: Hopscotch Luxe Paris

Cinematography - Nominee: Adam Singodia
Original Composition - Nominee: Johnny Lillis


Kodak Shoot Film