original spec film

boss bottled #manoftoday x eric underwood

Branded Content

16mm / 1:00

An honest portrayal of masculinity from the perspective of actor, model and former Royal Ballet soloist Eric Underwood for Hugo Boss’ BOSS Bottled #ManOfToday
Starring Eric Underwood

Director, Editor: Patrick Taylor
Producer: Dan Hammersley
DOP: Adam Singodia
Camera Assistant: Lou Macnamara
Camera Trainee: Lulu Pollice
Composer: Johnny LIllis
Sound Design/Mix: Ines Adriana
Colourist: Karol Cybulski at Cheat
Colour Producer: Nicki Wednesday at Cheat
Sound Recordist: Mike Chubb
Styling: Patrick Taylor, Eric Underwood
Film and Processing: Kodak
Film Scan: Digital Orchard

Client: BOSS by Hugo Boss
Agency: Hopscotch Luxe Paris

Alice Landrein, Judith Grynszpan at Hopscotch Luxe Paris
Rachael O’Dea at Purple
Grace Fung at Coty

Filmed on location in Highgate, London


Kodak Shoot Film - Instagram


Young Arrows - British Arrows 2022
Cinematography - Nominee: Adam Singodia
Original Composition - Nominee: Johnny Lillis