henri ‘something we would dance to’

music video, dance

16mm / 3:10

Two estranged lovers serendipitously meet to find reconnection and intimacy through dance.

Starring Nadine Élise Muncey and Julian Nichols

Director, Editor: Patrick Taylor⁣⁣
DOP: Adam Singodia
Camera Assistant: Ollie Pearson Pajtra
First Assistant Director: Matt Turner
Colourist: Nielsan Bohl, Pavilion Works
Colour Producer: Xavier Allison, Pavilion Works
Choreography: Nadine Élise Muncey, Julian Nichols
Film and Processing: Kodak London
Film Scan: Digital Orchard

Management: Dan Karlström, The Very Good
Label: Edouard Taïeb, Unity Group

Filmed on location in Tilbury, Essex